Cars Suck! -- Essays and reflections

I hate to say it, but I'm starting to dislike cyclists

Whistling past the graveyard

What bicycling really needs

Bike group red-carpets bike persecutor

Rich "environmentalists" fighting wind power

The buggy whippers ride again!

The costs of Empire

Let's keep cars safe from kids!

NYC Marathon: 800,000 person-miles. NYC cyclists do that every day.

You can't talk seriously about SUVs...

... and you can't make fun of 'em either... New York, anyway. In the Washington Post, however....

History Is Bike, as Henry Ford should have said

If the New York Post had sane writers....

Some deaths count, others don't

Against stupidity, the Gods themselves struggle in vain

Rachel Fruchter, doctor, teacher, mother, citizen: dead. Why?

Deconstructing 'jaywalking'...

... And a hardened jaywalker throws down the gauntlet

Bikers on the couch

The Inside Track and the seductions of access

The Bike Month ad campaign: a report from the belly of the beast...

...And a reaction from the demographic

Deaf Ears Department, Dead Cyclist Division

How to kill with impunity, in Queens

Drunk driving, versus driving-drunk

Some thoughts on suburbia (correspondence with a site visitor)

Suburbia again: highway project will poison NYC water

Strike a blow for sanity. Run a stoplight

You can walk, but you can't hide

This image was contributed by a visitor to the site, who describes it as "A slight modification of a WWII propaganda poster urging people to carpool."